Pinteresty Phone Case.

LipStickDesigns_BrookeClay I finally upgraded my phone, which means that I can finally hear people talking! (insert happy dance).

It's unfortunate, really, how much we depend on our phones. As a social media manager I go through withdrawals when I'm without my phone for too long. I need that phone to interact with my community, it is my job after all.

This phone also enables me to talk to my family. Without it I wouldn't know my cousins are planning a trip to the shores of the Carolina, or that my grandma took the day off to make chicken noodle soup. These things are important to me, people.

I've grown up so far away from my grandparents and cousins that I've become quite the conversationalist on the phone. This is probably why this long-distance engagement thing is working out so well.

Anyhow, Kirby has been showing off her new phone case and I've been coveting it like a fat kid in a cupcake store. So, because I took the leap and upgraded to the iPhone 5, I decided to invest in an Otterbox to keep it safe and cozy.

It might as well be cute, right?

Lipstick Shades to the rescue. This is Pinteresty-cute, for sure.