Happy Hallmark Day

Thanks to a working at home day and a comp day from last weekend, I've found myself in Charlotte for the weekend! As you know I'm a believer of Random Tuesdays. I don't want to take away from all the love, chocolate and butterflies of Hallmark day, but note - it's just not for me. Brooke_Clay_Valentines_Day021313_0001I was overcome with airport survival and picked up a new Sparks' book. I can breeze through one of these in a day. Nothing like adding a little false advertising into one's life, right?


Who needs Sparks' books when you have a guy like T who acknowledges your strong opposition of Hallmark day and gets you flowers anyway. Of course, the card said, "Welcome Back to Charlotte Day."

Sigh. They weren't for Hallmark Day at all. It honestly makes me love them more.

Brooke_Clay_Valentines_Day021413_0002 Marek has been my inspiration to lace up my kicks and hit the pavement lately. Today, I took a short 2 mile jog around the 'hood. It's a nice day here in Charlotte.

Whether your supporting Hallmark and spoiling your significant other with gifts worthy of a Pinterest pin or you long for a day of your own, a Tuesday if you will, I hope you enjoy this Thursday. It is quite lovely, after all.