Love Like Crazy

Brooke_Clay_Lee_Brice Covering Lee Brice at the McSwain Theatre in Ada, Okla. is not quite the same as purchasing a few tickets from Craigslist, venturing to a Charlotte suburb during rush hour to make a ticket exchange and singing Love Like Crazy with three thousand country music lovers in the Carolinas.

In Ada, Brice played to a family atmosphere tailoring his set list to those enjoying the witty dialogue. It was there my heart skipped a beat when he called me darlin’ and I fell head-over-heels for a new song he’d only written days before. (A youtube video taken at the McSwain Theatre)

In Charlotte, he played with a home field advantage. Only 100 miles from his hometown of Sumter, SC, it was like watching Garth play Willies in Stillwater. Or, rather, what I imagined that would have been like.

He skipped playing the song I longed to hear. I suppose this means we'll have to catch another show - or five.

Coyote Joes reminded me Billy Bob’s, Midnight Rodeo… or possible even a cleaner version of The Tumbleweed. Not a place T and I would typically  put on our radar; however, it was a fabulous people watching venue.

I turned to T sometime after Crazy Girl and before Drive your Truck with "this would give me somewhere to wear all my boots!"

So many adventures are waiting in Charlotte it seems.

*Note: Without a photo pass I'm left to using my iphone for pictures. I know, it's unfortunate.