Project Progression: Coffee Table Makeover.

Travel days usually wipe me out - especially those beginning in the 6 o'clocks (5 CST). After leaving the snow in Charlotte, I returned to Oklahoma where the temperatures were flirting with that 70 degree mark. It made perfect sense to skip an afternoon nap to tackle the coffee table I've been saving for a sunny day.

I stole this table from my mother. She's incredibly gifted at finding furniture to refurnish. (Shout out to every piece of furniture in my house...) It had potential don't you think?

The top was covered in pink and blue nail polish. I'm assuming this was some little girls craft table.

I almost guarantee someone's mother said "this is why we can't have nice things!" after seeing the polish splatter across this table. Using my newest toy, I ridded the world of that awful polish.

I chose turquoise for the base to match the end table that receives so many compliments. If people only knew I use HQ spray paint! (Is that considered cheating?)

The key is to use a lot of light coats as opposed to one thick coat. Laura at the Steen Style has used spray paint for a lot of projects so clearly it's what the cool kids are doing.

Tonight, I started staining the top. I'll allow the top to dry over night, lightly sand over the stain, apply a second coat and finish with a sealer.

It looks better already! Hopefully only a few more days until this finds its way into the living room.

My list for that someday house so far includes: a huge backyard, a girl cave and a workshop. T can have the kitchen. I'm not really interested in anything that goes down in that room.

For this project:
Minwax Wood Finish: Dark Walnut
Rust-oleum spray paint: Lagoon Sander
Awesome playlist.

In other news, the kids in the 'hood inspired me to run a little faster with their marshmallow guns. Rude, kids. Just rude.