Oklahoma Bucket List: Bring the Rowdy to GIA

KU_Oklahoma_Statet_GIA Oklahoma Bucket List: 5. Bring the rowdy back to GIA

Still claiming the mid-twenties as my friend, I'm not that old. To a college kid - I'm ancient, I get it. This theory was proven when I spoke in a few classes on the Oklahoma State campus Thursday. I'm old.

I'm from the tail end of Eddie Sutton hoops. As a college kid, I camped out for the opportunity be a student season ticket holder. That privilege was not bestowed on just anyone - you had to camp for that! Even after obtaining your tickets - you had to stand in line, camping out even, to get a seat for a good game.

If you saw Perk throwin' bows in last night's Thunder game, that was exactly what it was like as a student.

I had my first "Alumna Moment" Wednesday night. I was just so proud of those students. They packed the student section before most others had even considered leaving for the game.

They cheered, covered Garth, watched in "Oh my sweet goodness please make this shot, Smart" terror/excitement in double overtime.

The rowdy - it's back.

I personally brought all I had to the GIA on Wednesday. We lost. That's unfortunate - but we still have March.

In related news, I spared you images from my freshman year when group pics from the student section were really cool and tanning was even cooler. No one should be that tan during hoops season. No one.