Sophabella's For The Win.

Sophabella’s Wine Bar & Bistro located on North May has become one of my favorite Oklahoma City dining venues. Fitting it should become so when nearing the end of my season as an Oklahoma resident; however, it’s winning my affection at an alarming rate. Known to many as an ideal brunch location, I’d be careful to claim it as the premier dollar mimosa spot. Fifty minutes for a mimosa is about 45 too many in my opinion. Granted, I acknowledge Sunday brunch is a monster. I get that.

Sophabella's Meatballs

Stay with me creepers, this venue has won my affection with dollar meatball night. Yes, it’s a thing. My first thought was obviously, “How original!”

The atmosphere itself is something to behold. I half expected Sinatra to walk out of a backroom while I was enjoying my happy hour personal deep-dish pie. (Only $5)

Written in Webster’s beside perfection you’ll find: Friend dinner date at Sophabella’s while watching the Thunder. Prepositional phrases highly encouraged.