The worst sick person.

First_Day_Flowers_Brooke_ClayI’m the worst sick person. It’s particularly bad when it corresponds with starting a new job in a new town.

I’m not as tough as T. He drove Miss Molly and myself from the 405 to the 704 all while fighting a horrible cold and allergies. He didn’t even complain. What’s that about?

Me? Well I just lay on the bathroom floor to soak up the coldness of the tile. I’ve always been on the dramatic side when my temperature gets a little too high.

And, I’m needy. When I’m sick I have serious entitlement issues. It’s pathetic, man.

So, while I’d love to share with you all the new and great things about my new town and my new lovely job – I don’t have anything. It’s all introductory work meetings (I have some seriously fun clients) and hittin’ the hay in the embarrassingly early o’clocks.

With that said, you should know that fiancé of mine is sort of the Garth to my Wayne. He used flowers as a cover-up to smuggle in meds on my first day of work. Clearly he didn’t want me to get pegged as the weird kid too soon. It’s inevitable, really.

Flowers and spotting a stray chicken in my ‘hood on the way to work has been the highlight of my week. Fingers crossed I kick this cold before the weekend rolls around – I have Georgia on my mind… and baseball pants.