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The differences in Oklahoma and North Carolina. Volume 1.

IBraves’ve made it through my second full week of work, and this time – not as a sick kid. If I could give myself a high five, I would. Instead I bought myself something pretty on the internets. Don’t shake your head at me. If you survived two weeks of learning new clients, new coworkers and a new city – you’d buy yourself something from Kate Spade’s family and friends sale, too. Let’s talk Charlotte.

The main difference between the 405 and the 704: Substitute the red dirt that coats your car after a cruise down a country road with a yellow chalkish substance, and that’s what every car in North Carolina looks like. Pollen. It’s everywhere.

The meteorologists said we’d have severe weather last night. I looked at the radar and saw green and yellow when I was used to seeing red and black. Calm down, North Carolina – it’s just rain.

It’s safe to say nothing was sold or claimed by the section in this wonderful state. This means an east/west road easily turns into a north/south road, which results in me discovering new parts of town. Not cool, Robert Frost.

Last weekend, we went to Atlanta. Read as: replace “weekend trip to Dallas” with “weekend trip to Atlanta.”

In the 405, my client was a region of the state. Here, I’m working with the entire state. A state I’m so excited to discover.

We found Molly.

The worst sick person.