We found Molly.

Molly_foundI’m the girl who reads the end of the book first. My apologies if that upsets you, but it’s the truth. So, I’m going to start this post with the end of the story: We found Molly. Molly is my little shadow, my sidekick, my bffl. I’m quite certain she’s more human than dog and everyone who has ever met her would agree. No one expects to like Molly. But, they all do. They might even love her.

She’s a special little human dog. She survived college, guys. College. It’s no exaggeration that she’s obsessed with pizza and will climb over you to steal a sip of your beer. (Sorry, Grandma – it’s the truth.) She’s just sort of awesome.

So, Sunday. It’s raining. Pouring, actually.  I can see the end of my Homeland binge, and T decides to take Molly out.  She slips out of her collar. Disappears.

He returned to the house with an empty leash and collar.

It’s not his fault. She’s hates the rain and hates being in trouble even more. She was hiding.

This is when everything gets fuzzy. You see, T’s house is on a really, really busy four-lane road. She weighs a little less than seven pounds. My mind went there. Could she cross the road?

For three hours we searched. We were basically in the scene from Forrest Gump where rain is coming in all directions. One neighbor sends a mass email to the ‘hood watch. (we have that??), a teenager mass texts friends Molly’s picture, another went door to door. Poor T. I, overwhelmed with fear and worry, was not an easy girl to deal with.

I called shelters, vets, checked craigslists, met every single neighbor in Meyers Park. Every single one.

I held back tears for a solid 30 minutes. I’ve only heard T’s serious voice twice. So when he said, “Brooke, it’s not time to break down yet. She’s fine.” I sucked it up for all of 4 seconds.

I tweeted.

So did the rest of Charlotte.

I returned to the house one last time for a jacket and dry socks. I was walking back down the driveway when I saw the crowd. This is straight outta a Hallmark movie, guys. She was wrapped in a towel and a herd of neighbors was walking down the sidewalk with smiles as large as Michael Jordon’s when the Looney Tunes beat the Monstars. She was found!


T was still walking the neighborhood. He hasn’t said it but he was probably weighing the various scenarios if a happy ending wasn’t in the cards. Me and the little runaway hung out in the sunroom until he returned. His smile was as big as Texas. I think he has a soft spot for this little ball of fur.

As for her adventures we'll never know all the details. However, from what I can gather she ran away to avoid getting in trouble for slipping her collar, sniffed out the food at the neighborhood pub, chased a squirrel into a backyard and was invited into a little old lady's house where she fed her and gave her a towel.

Good work, Charlotte, indeed. Molly is a Panthers fan incase anyone was curious.

She spent the rest of the evening and the next day following T around like it was her job.

After the excitement calmed T said, "this is probably what it's like to have kids." Probably not. I'm sure it's worse. They just can't run as fast.