Yep, still awkward.

His & Her drinks in downtown Asheville. We took engagement photos this weekend. How’d that go, you ask?  Eh.

T was a mess. He strongly dislikes being photographed. Ladies, this Dreamboat of mine is highly photogenic. Honestly, it should be illegal for him not to be photographed. Gross, I know. Seriously, though, he’s so out of my league.

We arrived for a weekend in Asheville and I headed to the room for war-paint application, and T greeted the foothills town with a mission to find North Carolina’s best craft beer.

I called in the troops. The lovely Kristen from Blush inspired my inner diva. Photo session? I got this. As if didn’t have it before – the fake eyelashes were bringing out a whole new level of confidence.

We arrived at the Asheville Botanical Gardens where the talented Nick was waiting for us with his magical SLR. Magical? One could only hope.

The second we arrived my confidence diminished and T became the Dreamboat we all know he is.

Awkward. Dang, I’m so awkward. T said, “What’s wrong with you – why are your hands shaking?”  

I don’t know. Maybe because I imagined Brandon Jenkins ‘Feet Don’t Touch the Ground’ playing while I made out with you while the paparazzi looked on?

Honestly, it never occurred to me we would have to kiss for a photo? It’s bad enough I posted our down-on-one-knee photos for the entire world to see.

T. He worked that camera like a boss.

Fingers crossed Nick’s camera is magical – or at least his Photoshop skills.

If anything our photos will reflect what we already know and hold dear to our hearts: I’m weird, awkward and loveable and T is understatedly witty, charming and is keeping this Team Haney boat afloat.