Farewell, turquoise furniture.

In the great compromise of 2013 - known to few as the Haney engagement - a few things have had to change. For starters, I now use coasters. I know, I know - I'm 20-something years old and have yet to embrace coasters. Maybe I was raised in a barn? you don't know. Weird conversations like this have entered the universe: Are we doing anything Thursday night? Are we supposed to be? Oh, I didn't know if we had plans? Well, I don't have plans - do you have plans? I was going to meet up with so-and-so, is that okay? Do you want to? If you want to you should. Unless, maybe, you're using me as an out? Wait. Do you feel safe? Do you need me to tell you no? No. I just thought we were supposed to do this. Are we? Hmm. That's strange. 

Also, the lovely single-girl turquoise furniture is on its way out. It's not as sad as it sounds. Sure, the accent pieces were lovely. But - turquoise? That's up there with the celery-green room of my early high school years.


Merging two lives is weird, guys. We both think our stuff is the best - when, really, neither is that awesome. Except the perfect-condition leather couches I left behind. Patton, I hope you are treating them well.


Step one is completed. One more coat of black and then this adorable table needs to find a home in the the location that will house T and the future Team Haney MVP (that's me).

Side note: I've decided to call this location "The Ranch." All in favor?