Weekend at the beach | Wilmington

As an adult (!!!?!), sleeping in is like finding a unicorn. Even when I’m up too late, I’m up and at ‘em in the 8 o’clocks waiting for T to bid adieu to his lovely slumber so we can head to the beach. We’re in Wilmington – home to film site of One Tree Hill (Or Dawson's Creek for those of you who think Pacey > Lucas) – for the weekend to soak up some rays. Living this close to the beach has its perks!

As much as I don’t want to do or say anything that could end up on my favorite tumblr, My Friends Are Married, I have to say I have a good catch with this dude who answers to T.

During the past year I've become slowly acclimated to life closer to the coast. Read as: I like my steak medium-rare, and given the choice - that's what I want for dinner.

T has welcomed the challenge of transitioning me to seafood - with a few rules, of course. (I'll only eat seafood when I can see the water.) Last summer in Charleston we started with fried shrimp.

Last night. (dramatic pause.) I ate an oyster.


My contributions to this relationship are slim: clumsiness, awkwardness, horrible retention (my memory is shot)..... and humor. I take the latter very seriously.

At a little dive restaurant a stones throw away from the Cape Fear River, I cracked into a few crab legs mimicking Junior on his/her first birthday. A patron looked on with his "bless your heart" eyes as I failed again and again at cracking the legs. If you can't laugh at yourself, you're doing it wrong.

Last night I was a train wreck. Food everywhere. 


To some, these legs from the Atlantic look like dinner. To me, it looks like hard work.

I'm such a toddler. At first I was all "open it for me," then it became a game and I was all "don't touch this oyster. I will open it - or I will starve."

To be fair, eating dinner with me is probably similar to dining with a toddler.

"What do oysters eat?" "How long has it been dead." "What's in this sauce." "I'd google this if there wasn't crab juice on my hands."


Now if you'll excuse me it's 9:30 and sleeping beauty needs to take me to the beach!