rural gone urban – gone really, really urban

I’ve grown up with this blog, it seems. When Rural Gone Urban breathed its first breath of blogger air, it was authored by two fresh-from-college girls who wanted to share their urban adventures. Then, Dallyn moved to what some will call God’s Country – NW Oklahoma. Typing. I just kept typing through a Master’s Degree, international travel, job changes, heartbreak, adventures, new friends and love. Truly, I was rural gone urban.

Looking back, it was a transition period. In life? Sure. Every weekend I’d fill up my gas-guzzling SUV and head west or north depending on my mood to fill my soul with winter wheat, dirty shops, friends and family: urban during the week, rural on the weekend. Think of it as a life mullet, the best of both worlds.

Then, life threw the most amazing curve ball. The good news – I’ve never had trouble with the curve. I was made for curve balls.

I fell in love.

I fell in love with a southern boy with blue eyes that can cut deep into your soul. From the second I turned around in that Plaza District bar, I knew I was in trouble.

As many of you know, emotions are hard for me. I knew moving a few hundred miles would be rough. I was prepared. But, I wasn’t prepared to blog about it.

What could I possibly say?

“Yo. I got lost again. I miss my friends. CHARLOTTE IS AWESOME. T makes me use coasters. I wanna go to Oklahoma. I miss cows. I found this awesome store!! I made a new friend. Whoa – I didn’t like that new friend. New church! I’m chubby – shouldn’t have stopped working out. I can see T on weekdays! Ouch – working out is hard! New friends! Bachelorette party!! Almost football season.”

Well, that’s basically what I would have said. Except in a lot more words. Basically, you’re welcome for not writing about it.

Anyway, I’m back. Missed you.

Also, I’m now rural gone urban – gone really, really urban.

Hope you can handle that.