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In a little more than six months, I’ve started to find my rhythm in Charlotte. I’d say it has a lot to do with finding a church and a gym.Yes, both of those.

Church and gym dating is hard. Just because a church is pretty on the outside doesn’t mean it’s a good fit – same with gyms.

I believe they’re both incredibly important. Without my relationship with the Lord, I’m lost. Without exercise, I’m a wreck.

Let’s talk about the latter.

I’m a crossfitter. Yeah, I know, you just put me up there with the crazies. Let’s level. Do you know what crossfit is? It’s hauling hay, working cattle and checking water gaps without all the additives.

For an hour, I push myself to the limit thinking to myself – I could be getting ripped arms by hauling hay. This is a really great urban alternative.

I found the greatest box that comes with coaches who encourage me to “take it slow” after a few days off for being under the weather.  They also send me an email If I’ve missed a few days. They’re not leaving a whole lot of options to be fluffy and complacent.

Wedding insight: to those who go on crazy wedding diets. That’s lame.

Until next time,