Resolutions, twenty14.

Three years ago, I wrote a post titled ‘Resolutions.’ Wise at 24, it seems. So much has changed in such a short amount of time, yet so many things remain the same – my resolutions, for instance.

I’m going to volunteer more, Get off my bum and move, Stop waiting for things to happen and live life today.

These resolutions are a continuous thread to my being as a human. Last year, I focused on surviving. Everything I had ever known changed and I wanted end the year knowing it didn’t get the best of me. If it were a challenge, I won.

Organizing my life.

This year, I’m adding one more line: live life intentionally.

We’re given 24 hours in a day. The same amount as Beyoncé*, in fact. We can choose to fill those precious minutes however we see fit.

Give more? Spend more time with family? Schedule down time? It’s up to us, man. Let’s use our allotted time wisely.

*Feel free to insert an individual of your choosing. This morning I’m just particularly found of Beyoncé’s tunes.