Sunday Roast

Finding the right church is a lot like dating (hence the description) or job searching.

The Plus One and I have been hitting the church dating scene hard and I think we found the one. 

For a relationship to be healthy (job, friendship, love, spiritual) you need to give as much – if not more – as you receive and that spark should be felt by both parties. Well, this is my guideline anyway, you can set yours however you see fit.

I may be premature in my declaration of the one, but I was so excited I walked my boots right into the kitchen and whipped up a Sunday Roast, complete with an apron that's been in my family for four generations. 

Using Ree’s Perfect Pot Roast recipe as inspiration, I set out to make a celebratory dinner for finding our new church home (fingers crossed).

I’m still in need of a cast iron dutch oven for our urban ranch, so broke out the trust Crock-Pot slow cooker. Slow cookers are the sunsets to my Western Oklahoma. This was the first time I subbed red wine for beef broth, and it was a solid move. My grandma Compton would not be impressed with this, I’m sure, but, she hasn’t had this roast.

In our home, we're light on the salt and pepper. 

For some reason, we had grape seed oil in the cupboard. You won't find insight on if it's better or worse that you're run-of-the mill olive oil, but it did make me feel super fancy. I'm sure the onions loved it.

Instead of whipping up a few servings of mashed potatoes, I added them to the slow cooker. That's what it's for, you know. Less work, more play.

How does someone pick the wine that goest with your roast? No clue. I keep a few bottles of medium-bodied reds on hand. Seemed to do the trick.

I left the roast in the slow cooker for about six hours so I could meet up with a friend to get in my daily fitbit steps. All about those steps.

And this roast.

So much, in fact, there were no photos of the meal.

You'll have to trust T's stomach on this one. He got a third helping.