frozen sunset

Confession: I've been dreading this week in Wisconsin since I booked my flight in December. With each temperature joke from a coworker I've moved the dial closer to canceling flight. Turns out, it's just not that bad up here. 

Maybe I was able to transition into the colder climate with a few days in Indiana? Who knows.

Yesterday, Kelley and I (the official Texas representatives) met up with Ann and her husband to watch the 'hawks take on the packers. With one mention of Carp's Landing in Lake Mills I was all "yes. please. when. of course."

If Lorelei and Rory were to claim a town in Wisconsin as their own, it would be Lake Mills. I can just picture the mother-daughter duo ice skating in the town square, walking to the library on Saturday morning and hanging out at Carp's to watch the game. With it's local crowd, craft brews and quality fare Lake Mill's Carp's Landing is my kind of place. 

And not even because they have Spotted Cow, which, by the way, would be my favorite of the beers.

This lake community is picturesque with its historic homesteads and ice fisherman. Even with a close game we ventured the three blocks to the lake to take in the sunset. It's not often I stumble across a place that has a fighting chance at beating Oklahoma or Texas with their sunset game; however, the setting sun reflecting on the frozen tundra made my heart skip a beat or two. 


The takeaway is sometimes things are out of our comfort zone. Cold weather is literally out of my comfort zone. 

Do it anyway.