a wild night with fried chickens

Last spring while in the midst of a video shoot for National Gypsum's Ask for PURPLE campaign, one of my favorite Charlotteanswine Wednesday advocate and all-around quality humangave me a sneak peek at one of his fun projects. After a long, quiet day on set this gave me all the giggles. 

Today, he shared the final product and I couldn't be more thrilled. 

If you're keeper of children, particularly of boys, you need to hit play. Regardless of your children keeper status, hit play.

When I was riding the struggle bus in a job that wasn't quite my cup of tea, Rob made going to work a little brighter because he's one of the most creative minds I've ever worked with.

Where most people see things in black and white, he sees them in ROYGBIV. For real. It's superhuman.