This blog and I have been through a lot together: graduate school, first jobs, second jobs, cross-country moves, third jobs, fourth jobs, funerals, an engagement, a marriage ... and a divorce. 

We've learned a lot, grown even more and we're still adventuring. 

Let's adventure together.

managing expectations with succulents

managing expectations with succulents

A house is not home unless you have flowers on the porch.

This statement became part of my life when I moved to Oklahoma City in 2010, when adulting seemed impossible. 

Because in my experience weekend warrior happenings are always followed natural disaster happenings, this year I kept things in perspective.


Goal: use the decorate pot gifted to me by my mom when I joined the Oklahoma Pork Council team.

Simple enough.

After a gym session (working on that undergrad fitness level, y'all.), I headed straight for my happy place - Home Depot. Succulents, in my mind, need less work and fit right in Texas. Please, Lord, let this be true.

I lack self control.

There, I said it.

I couldn't stop at one pot. The little pig, who we shall all call Kevin, needed a friend. 


Small Town Virginia

Small Town Virginia

PTO Request: to Look at Cattle

PTO Request: to Look at Cattle