lady bird lake with the lady molly

Man, I love my dog.

She’s survived a bachelors, masters, a handful of boyfriends, a new last name, seven houses, four jobs, three states and more slices of pizza than I care to admit.

There’s just something about the way she stays close when I’m under the weather, knowingly tilts her little white head when we’re deep in conversation, yearns for someone to knock on the front door and ditches me for the sportswriter’s office when I head for bed.

More than anything, I truly believe she wishes she were a farm dog. When we’re home (home will always be Oklahoma, y’all) she loves nothing more than rolling in the horse stalls, chasing the chickens and sneaking into the bull pen to get up close and personal with an animal that could end her without a second thought.

Since she’s a rural gone urban girl, too, we take long walks when possible.  Saturday was no different. This weekend, we headed to Lady Bird Lake for a few miles of squirrel hunting.

At 9 a.m. it was around 75°. With her short, summer ‘doo I thought we were good to go. She was in her element, man. All systems go.

She treed a squirrel, made friends with a few walkin' ladies and swooned at her reflection in the lake.  

We stopped for water breaks at the 1.0 and 1.15 mile markers, respectively. In our eight years of walking, this was the first time we've ever had to stop for a break. The temperatures were in the 80s now, but I was hopeful we could keep at it. 

Molly had other plans, however. She was satisfied with chillin' and people watching. She. was. done.

So we turned on our heels and headed back to the car.

Except Molly was all, "nah, call an Uber."


Her legs refused to walk. So I carried her back to the car like a princess, turned the ac on blast and drove home.

Home, where she whined like a toddler because she wanted to go back into the heat to chase squirrels. 


This is my 'hood.

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It's true. Molly is on Instagram. You can follow her if you'd like. If you're not into following dogs on Instagram, that's cool too. 

Basically, I just really needed to cut back on the number of dogs photos I was posting. 

It was getting out of control.