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Urban problems.

I was pulled over this week because my brake light was out. Thankfully, I was disgustingly sweaty and gross from trying my hand at Crossfit when the Oklahoma weather was dancing a little jig in the 112 - 113 degree range, which I'm pretty sure was a direct result in Mr. Police Officer kindly let me off with a warning. Read as: Urban problems. I chose to work out in this record breaking heat.

Here's the thing. Thanks to that time I had a blow out on a dirt road and called my dad for help, I know how to change a flat tire. No, he didn't change the tire - he simply brought a pair of boots and bib overalls and waved as he drove away. I guess it could have been worse? I could have changed that tire in my church clothes in the winter temperatures....

Anyway. With that, I can't change a brake light. I've tried... and failed. So, yesterday I drove home to the farm so play that Daddy's girl card. I will never outgrow this card, ever.

Read as: Transition back to my rural life where my urban problems seem a little smaller.

The Oklahoma sky knows how to melt my heart, it's true. Here, where the wind sweeps across the plains like it's defending an Olympic Medal, the sky seems larger. Sure, it's probably the lack of trees; but it's beautiful nonetheless.

This is the road to home.

The home where I spent many summer nights on the porch watching the fireflies and lightning dance across the sky. Last night, instead of smelling the sweet scent of rain, my heart broke as I was overwhelmed with the smells of Oklahoma burning.

Living an urban life it's easy to get caught up in how our yard just isn't quite as green as it should be, how it takes so much water to keep our flowers aesthetically pleasing, and how unfair it is to be on water rationing. It's not just something to whine about anymore. Cattle being sold because there's not enough forage in the pastures or back stock of hay and people are losing their homes.

Carry your umbrella. Wear your rain boots. Listen to songs about rain.

I'm praying for rain, and I hope maybe you are, too.

Carrying an Umbrella.

A few summers ago I heard a sermon that has stuck with me, often resurfacing when I need it most.

“If you’re going to pray for rain, carry an umbrella.”

Such a simple concept: pray for rain, expect rain. Have so much faith that when it happens you don’t ask “can you believe this?” you simply say, “thank you.”

Sure, this can be taken in so many directions, but for today, let's keep it literal.

You should know I carry an umbrella in my car and have rain boots by my desk at all times. I’m praying for rain for our crops and livestock. The skies may be hazy with dust from the western part of our state, but I’m praying, umbrella in hand.