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Chaperone like a Champion.

Per the obligations of a social media manager, I'm required to work every five or six weekends and manage a few pages. This means a few things. First, I need to access high-speed internet at regular intervals and I must be wearing my customer service happy pants. It's quite the deal, really. This weekend I decided I could work just as efficiently from Stacy's couch as I could my own and made my way to eastern Oklahoma to see Stacy's [and her husband's] new house. Stacy's husband, Cody, and I go way back to my early days as a freshman on Oklahoma State's campus.

Cody is molding minds as an agricultural instructor and FFA adviser, which translated to me serving as a chaperone at the FFA bonfire.

Yes, this is just as funny to me as it is to you.

As we stood around a bonfire observing high school students discussing their respective drama-filled lives, boys listening to red dirt music and girls wearing their camo - I had a single thought, "am I old enough to be a chaperone?"

Obviously, the answer is yes. I mean, I have a Master's degree for crying out loud. It's just that with all the changes that come with growing up I still feel very much like a young adult most of the time.

Maybe that's the point? Life is all about finding the balance between personal and professional and embracing the joys of life - as random as they appear.

Chaperoning like champions.