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Lightning flashes, Thunder booms

It's the week of Hot Mamas who happen to enjoy running. Yeah, I don't know why I'm hosting a giveaway for that either. On a good day I'm decent at best, and I for sure don't have any tiny humans. So, let's celebrate cute children. Read as: me. Let's celebrate how adorable I was in first grade.

My Grandma emailed me a poem I penned '93 or '94. Not to toot my own horn, but it was sort of published, and Mr. Grant read it aloud for the entire elementary school to hear before the Pledge of Allegiance.

Lightning flashes Thunder booms A zillion raindrops hide the moon It pours, It sours It rips, It roars It wants to rip off all the doors. The rivers rise they grow in size it will wake you in the Morning you will surely hear the old man snoring. The clouds go away With the lite of the day Now the birds are signing And the church bells are ringing

Clearly, I was a genius in the early 90s.

Cute, too, I might add. Look at that carhart wearin' tiny human in her Barbie convertible in the middle of winter. Genius I tell you.

But, seriously, enter to win free registration in the Hot Mamas Run.