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Turquoise Coffee Table

There's a cold front moving in to Oklahoma and before it hits I thought I should finish that coffee table. I've spent the afternoon switching between episodes of Breaking Bad and adding coats of sealer to the table. I'm nearing the three year mark of living in this urban casa. (How is that even possible!) After three years, I believe I have this living room exactly how I want it. (Just in time to pack boxes, I suppose.)

Every piece of furniture or decor in the urban casa has been acquired from a thrift job, been re-purposed or found at a garage sale. Yes, even the leather furniture was purchased secondhand. To the couple who sold the less than two-year-old, perfect-condition furniture for only $250, bless your hearts.


What do you think? It's come a long way since its hunter green days. I suppose the big question is: Will T approve of turquoise accent furniture in our someday home?


Do you see the globe on the side table? That was my great grandpa's, who was a dairy farmer in Indiana. (I googled him for fun - look what I found.) At his estate auction, my mom let me pick one item and allowed me to bid on it myself. No one in their right mind would bid against a cute little girl. Good move, Mom.


I've been fortunate to have a plenty of work space in the urban casa. Work space is a must in our someday home.


It's about time I start deciding which pieces of furniture make the move and which are left behind. This table - it's going. I think.