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I Caved to the Chevron

Remember when DIY projects were my love language? When I poured over garage sales and antique stores like it was my job?

I’m bringing it back.

Mostly because I have a garage again.

A place to use power tools, get dirty— make messes.

During the past few years, I've had quite the relationship with these chairs. After my fever broke this weekend, I thought we could take it the next level. To a committed relationship: orange chevron.


Seemed right.

It must have felt right, because it took forever. Not because it was difficult, but because I was a stubbon sick kid who just needed to recover these chairs.

This room still has a long way to go before I'll introduce it to my parents. Baby steps.

ex oh.


Farewell, turquoise furniture.

In the great compromise of 2013 - known to few as the Haney engagement - a few things have had to change. For starters, I now use coasters. I know, I know - I'm 20-something years old and have yet to embrace coasters. Maybe I was raised in a barn? you don't know. Weird conversations like this have entered the universe: Are we doing anything Thursday night? Are we supposed to be? Oh, I didn't know if we had plans? Well, I don't have plans - do you have plans? I was going to meet up with so-and-so, is that okay? Do you want to? If you want to you should. Unless, maybe, you're using me as an out? Wait. Do you feel safe? Do you need me to tell you no? No. I just thought we were supposed to do this. Are we? Hmm. That's strange. 

Also, the lovely single-girl turquoise furniture is on its way out. It's not as sad as it sounds. Sure, the accent pieces were lovely. But - turquoise? That's up there with the celery-green room of my early high school years.


Merging two lives is weird, guys. We both think our stuff is the best - when, really, neither is that awesome. Except the perfect-condition leather couches I left behind. Patton, I hope you are treating them well.


Step one is completed. One more coat of black and then this adorable table needs to find a home in the the location that will house T and the future Team Haney MVP (that's me).

Side note: I've decided to call this location "The Ranch." All in favor?

Turquoise Coffee Table

There's a cold front moving in to Oklahoma and before it hits I thought I should finish that coffee table. I've spent the afternoon switching between episodes of Breaking Bad and adding coats of sealer to the table. I'm nearing the three year mark of living in this urban casa. (How is that even possible!) After three years, I believe I have this living room exactly how I want it. (Just in time to pack boxes, I suppose.)

Every piece of furniture or decor in the urban casa has been acquired from a thrift job, been re-purposed or found at a garage sale. Yes, even the leather furniture was purchased secondhand. To the couple who sold the less than two-year-old, perfect-condition furniture for only $250, bless your hearts.


What do you think? It's come a long way since its hunter green days. I suppose the big question is: Will T approve of turquoise accent furniture in our someday home?


Do you see the globe on the side table? That was my great grandpa's, who was a dairy farmer in Indiana. (I googled him for fun - look what I found.) At his estate auction, my mom let me pick one item and allowed me to bid on it myself. No one in their right mind would bid against a cute little girl. Good move, Mom.


I've been fortunate to have a plenty of work space in the urban casa. Work space is a must in our someday home.


It's about time I start deciding which pieces of furniture make the move and which are left behind. This table - it's going. I think.

Project Progression: Coffee Table Makeover.

Travel days usually wipe me out - especially those beginning in the 6 o'clocks (5 CST). After leaving the snow in Charlotte, I returned to Oklahoma where the temperatures were flirting with that 70 degree mark. It made perfect sense to skip an afternoon nap to tackle the coffee table I've been saving for a sunny day.

I stole this table from my mother. She's incredibly gifted at finding furniture to refurnish. (Shout out to every piece of furniture in my house...) It had potential don't you think?

The top was covered in pink and blue nail polish. I'm assuming this was some little girls craft table.

I almost guarantee someone's mother said "this is why we can't have nice things!" after seeing the polish splatter across this table. Using my newest toy, I ridded the world of that awful polish.

I chose turquoise for the base to match the end table that receives so many compliments. If people only knew I use HQ spray paint! (Is that considered cheating?)

The key is to use a lot of light coats as opposed to one thick coat. Laura at the Steen Style has used spray paint for a lot of projects so clearly it's what the cool kids are doing.

Tonight, I started staining the top. I'll allow the top to dry over night, lightly sand over the stain, apply a second coat and finish with a sealer.

It looks better already! Hopefully only a few more days until this finds its way into the living room.

My list for that someday house so far includes: a huge backyard, a girl cave and a workshop. T can have the kitchen. I'm not really interested in anything that goes down in that room.

For this project:
Minwax Wood Finish: Dark Walnut
Rust-oleum spray paint: Lagoon Sander
Awesome playlist.

In other news, the kids in the 'hood inspired me to run a little faster with their marshmallow guns. Rude, kids. Just rude.


Remember when I purchased this table?

And, then I tortured my roommate by spending way too many hours sanding, scraping, sanding, scraping, painting, staining, and sealing?

Because, I was determined to turn this table into something I would want to keep in our house. If Lauren had a nickel for everytime I said, "I cannot get attached to this table!" She could buy 3 rounds at Sonic happy hour. (The chair represents the "before" in the picture)

It's finnished!

What do you think?

It comes with 4 chairs and glass to cover the top.

Do you like it enough to buy it?

Seriously - it's for sale.

How you doin'?

Thanks to a few blogging friends I've recently become addicted to Pinterest. Pinterest is a website where you can pin images to boards dedicated to certain topics. It's basically a virtual bulletin board where you can organize your thoughts and see others' ideas.

I recently pinned this image to one of my boards, "Projects." It reminded me of a shabby chic version of the door from the television show Friends.

So what's a girl to do when she has a frame like this?

A frame that only cost a dollar.

Well, for starters - paint it turquoise.

Embellish it with black accents and top it off with a clear top coat.

And, hang it on the front door.

Retro Project.

Dallyn was gone for the weekend at a lovely bachelorette party. I'm sure it was just pillow fights, herbal tea and girl chat. [obviously.] And that amazing man-friend of mine was at *boys weekend*. ::Read as: Obviously I'm an amazing girlfriend who deserves flowers (orchids or orange roses), or a date night (I'm dying to see the Backup Plan), or a graduation present due to the complete okay-ness of the only communication being a single text stating, "alive."

Moving on. @BentonRay was in town. [Yes, I speak in twitter handles now] We, along with @oksteve, @JeredTyler, @oksteve's lovely wife and her friend went to the Wormy Dog. Oh - and I ran into @RMAtkins. [We missed @KTEknight]

Yeah, I know that paragraph wasn't necessary - but I couldn't resist. This whole intro leads me into this:

Early Saturday morning, while taking @BentonRay to his truck I saw these (pictured below) at an antique store.

Turns our the owner (of the antique store) knows my hometown vet. Once again, rural meets urban.

They had so much potential and they are completely retro. I loaded them up in the car and headed to Home Depot. One call to my Aunt Beth (Yeah, you're a blogging celebrity now) and I left with primer, a wire brush, and yellow paint. Who am I kidding - I also left with one of those nifty contraptions that allows you to not tire your finger or get paint on you. (Urban win)

Just look at that seat. Ew. I almost quit. But, I figured Clinique Exfoliant doesn't quit on me - so why quit on these chairs. They just need a little lovin'.

Two coats of primer - check. Thought about leaving them white, but then I got bored about 15 minutes later. Yellow it is.

Just look at those chairs! They look good. ("Yes Brooke, they look amazing!") Rural kicks Urban's butt once again.