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Darius in Dallas.

Last Tuesday, on my mini Dallas road trip, T and I saw Darius Rucker in concert. T, you see, has a love for all things concerts, which is completely fine by me. Picture with me, if you will, getting ready in 20 minutes. Imagine going from soaking wet hair, sans makeup and not an idea of what to wear to decent-at-best and out the door. Maybe I'm asking for a standing ovation, but I think it's worthy.

Here's the problem: I'm so good at getting ready quickly, it's expected now. Uhm? Yes, I realize this is a fail. To be fair, he's never complained once about how long it takes me to get ready. So, maybe I'm still in that false-advertising part of a relationship? Ha, doubtful.

I asked Darius if he'd tried a Bomb Pop Margarita. That's a lie, I didn't. I wanted to. I mean, we did talk about it once....

But, T. was too busy being more legit than I am.

I've quickly learned that I can't take T anywhere without running into someone he knows. Even at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas he will run into friends... it's a gift, really.

Darius was incredible. Even his random cover of Brad Paisley's 'Ticks' was decent. However, the jury is still out regarding my thoughts on his spin of 'Wagon Wheel."

My favorite line of the night was something like "this next song is for those who loved the 80s - not those who were made in the eighties, but those who remember it." Easy, Darius, I'm an '86 model but I can appreciate 'Purple Rain' as much as anyone else.

I've been trying to keep my T stories and pictures limited on the blog. I mean, creepers (and, I'm looking at you family....) wouldn't it be better to meet him in person first rather than through this silly little blog? Cropping him out of this photo just seemed rude, so we'll just pretend this post doesn't count. I mean, he did spoil me with the tickets...

*Thanks to P dub's actions, I managed to give our photo a little makeover. Hopefully, if we're really lucky you can't see that I'm melting in the triple digit Texas heat. 

A perfect week.

Do you ever look back at your college days and think, "How in the world did I survive that?" I'm not talking about too many nights at the bar, I'm talking about balancing leadership positions, multiple jobs, and too many credit hours. Sometimes I look back and think, "I wish I was still that good."

Because, if I was... I wouldn't be so tired.

Don't get me wrong, my life is completely worth being tired.

Last week was interesting, to keep state it simply. T was in Dallas for work, so made a mini road trip to Dallas after delighting in a few peaches in Stratford. Not a day passes that I'm not thankful for my amazing job that allows me to work from home every now and then, or in this case work poolside in Dallas.

After a few fun days in Dallas, including a Darius Rucker concert, I woke up in the 4 o'clocks Wednesday for a too-early road trip back to Oklahoma City. Our church group meets at our house each Wednesday, so early to bed wasn't an option. Courtney's surprise birthday party followed Thursday evening and an Avett Brothers concert Friday. I had a fun work event on Saturday, catching some zzz's wasn't an option then, either.

With all that said, Saturday night I wanted nothing more than to curl up in my faded Oklahoma State sweat pants and watch a few hundred episodes of the Golden Girls.

But, as a proud big sister, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to watch my little sister run barrels while people watching with my little brother. So, I pulled a pair of starched jeans from the closet and headed to a small-town rodeo.

Wait. Hold on. I feel obligated to confess my love for starched jeans. If I'm going to wear boots, I need my jeans to have the ability to stand by themselves. It's odd, I know, but I feel as strongly about this as I do that spending more for quality high heels is better than mostly everything else.

I love more than anything that after a long busy week of urban living, I can sit in the stands with my dad (yes, those are our boots and starched jeans) and talk his ear off about things that don't really matter while he says all of four words.

He didn't even roll his eyes when I snapped this picture. It's a Christmas miracle, really.

My little brother, one of my favorite people in the entire world, is going to be a high school senior. I can't begin to explain how much this blows my mind. This picture taken around 9 p.m. when the sun was still glaring heavily into our eyes and the temperatures were still in the triple digits. Honestly, I don't care how gross we look because my brother is smiling and this never happens. This, too, is a Christmas miracle.

I will trade all the quality nights of sleep in the world weeks like this. Weeks incorporating everything I love about life - rural, urban, family, T., adventures, family, friends - are exactly how I want to live my life.