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Darius in Dallas.

Last Tuesday, on my mini Dallas road trip, T and I saw Darius Rucker in concert. T, you see, has a love for all things concerts, which is completely fine by me. Picture with me, if you will, getting ready in 20 minutes. Imagine going from soaking wet hair, sans makeup and not an idea of what to wear to decent-at-best and out the door. Maybe I'm asking for a standing ovation, but I think it's worthy.

Here's the problem: I'm so good at getting ready quickly, it's expected now. Uhm? Yes, I realize this is a fail. To be fair, he's never complained once about how long it takes me to get ready. So, maybe I'm still in that false-advertising part of a relationship? Ha, doubtful.

I asked Darius if he'd tried a Bomb Pop Margarita. That's a lie, I didn't. I wanted to. I mean, we did talk about it once....

But, T. was too busy being more legit than I am.

I've quickly learned that I can't take T anywhere without running into someone he knows. Even at the House of Blues in downtown Dallas he will run into friends... it's a gift, really.

Darius was incredible. Even his random cover of Brad Paisley's 'Ticks' was decent. However, the jury is still out regarding my thoughts on his spin of 'Wagon Wheel."

My favorite line of the night was something like "this next song is for those who loved the 80s - not those who were made in the eighties, but those who remember it." Easy, Darius, I'm an '86 model but I can appreciate 'Purple Rain' as much as anyone else.

I've been trying to keep my T stories and pictures limited on the blog. I mean, creepers (and, I'm looking at you family....) wouldn't it be better to meet him in person first rather than through this silly little blog? Cropping him out of this photo just seemed rude, so we'll just pretend this post doesn't count. I mean, he did spoil me with the tickets...

*Thanks to P dub's actions, I managed to give our photo a little makeover. Hopefully, if we're really lucky you can't see that I'm melting in the triple digit Texas heat.