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Denim Throwback.

Today's throwback inspiration came from my dad. He answers to Joe, but his real name is Bobby. That's a legit dad if you ask me. He wears a lot of denim. For the longest time I hated it. But, now, I just love it. It's who he is. He's also on the phone a lot. So, let's just say I get that habit from him, too.

Not often enough he'll take me to lunch when he's swinging through OKC for a trip to CAT, John Deere or Peterbilt.

When he's not on the phone he listens as I talk too quickly, he makes me blush by asking embarrassing boy questions and he tell's me I'm ridiculous.

Oh hey 1987. It's good to see you again. Just look at that denim... those big brown eyes.

This, world, is why I haven't entered that other world. The world just can't handle a Brooke Jr.

Oh, we're not done yet! Twenty-something years after that little gem was taken I'm still wearing denim. I've upgraded to BCBG from Osh-Kosh, but the idea is still there.

Hope y'all have a great weekend, creepers.