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::Phone rings:: Mom:: Hey, there's a storm - put your flowers in. Brooke: Oh, ok. I'm going to take a shower. Mom: It shouldn't be too bad. Brooke: k.  bye

:: Phone Rings ::

Matt: Carter and I are coming over. Brooke: OK, why? Matt: The Weather. Brooke: What about it? Matt: Turn the news on. Brooke: Oh, right. I just got out of the shower - give me a minute. Matt: We're on your road.

Note: Donna if you are reading this - I usually just wait for a phone call or text message to head for shelter. 

It hailed. A lot. That's actually an understatement.

I seriously just put down fresh mulch an hour ago. Dallyn doesn't even get to see it! ::sigh:: I am never going to be a Betty Homemaker.

Yeah, that's hail.

Matt's car needs a bandaid. It looks like this on every side - and one crack right smack on the windshield.

My chairs!!!!!!!! uhg.

Can't tell I swept this sidewalk today can you?

This car needs more than a bandaid!

hmmm. The insurance guy is not going to like this. 

Hey Ryan - you're in the picture! Note: All friends with pickup trucks, please stop by and gather our tree that is now scattered into about a million pieces in our yard.

MOM! I tried. I just don't have a green thumb. This is mother nature telling me not to plant flowers!!!!  Will you come help me save them???

Good thing I have rainboots! I would have had a face-shot, but please remember I had just gotten out of the shower - after doing YARD WORK ALL DAY!.

Thank you garage, for keeping my car safe. (As of 5 o'clock the street count is 6 missing car windows.)

I don't think this plant is going to make it.

Let the creepy fog settle in...

Mr. Countryman's house didn't take it too well.

There are no words.