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My day at The Ocean Course

While standing on a sand dune overlooking the 12th hole on Kiawah’s Ocean Course, T. asked a question that sounded more like a statement, “You’re just a little spoiled aren’t you?” The answer is quite simply, “yes.” He's right, really. My first trip to a golf tournament happens to be the PGA Championship? A course where the final holes overlook the Atlantic Ocean and a salty breeze makes play difficult for golfers but quite nice for observers?

This isn’t a bragging post or a play-by-play of my weekend in the Carolinas, unless that’s what you would prefer? If so, I could whip one of those up for tomorrow. This is a post about my adventures in golf.

No, I’ve never tried my hand at golf; however, after a day at the final round of the PGA championship I sort of get what the hype is about.

T and I worked the back 9 for most of the day. Stumbling upon Dustin Johnson, who I later learned and then witnessed is one of the longest drivers in the PGA tour, we started our adventures. Looking back – what was T thinking? I’ve never even watched golf without a nap being a serious part of the equation. Did I say stumble? Literally. He hit into the wind and then the wind stopped blowing and his ball landed about 40 yards left of where it should have been. (Probably, I could be making this up. Or – T. said this. Either way… read with caution.)

It may have been 20 degrees cooler than it was in Oklahoma, but I am still trying to grasp this humidity thing. Why must it be so sticky? There was a lot of walking. For the first time in the history of our relationship I was really fortunate to have listened during the shoe conversation. Thank goodness I went with the sensible shoes.

Per our conversation, T. is better at me than most things. If they're weighted. (Note to readers: discussing National Championship totals in regards to wrestling and football with an expert is not for the light of heart, and don't come to the party without knowing your facts or without google search within reach. ) Given this, he's really good at helping me buy into something.

For starters, on the way to the course he suggested I download the app. The day before I decided I needed to claim a few golfers to follow to make it interesting. My choices: Bo Van Pelt (Oklahoma State alum), Bubba (He had me at the golf boys video), and Adam Scott (because Rickie wasn't playing on Sunday). The app let me know who was where and sent me updates of how they were doing.

Then, out of the blue he said, "Do you want to go down to 10 to watch Bubba?"

I'm 99 percent sure I didn't answer... just started walking.

As a fan of stories, I just swoon over Bubba's sweet story. His solid foundation of faith, his adorable adopted son (I'm assuming he's adorable - I've yet to confirm this via google search) and the importance of charity organizations to Bubba and his wife, Angie, are more than enough reasons to cheer for him on Sunday.

We followed him for three holes. It was sort of nice to just pick who we wanted to follow. Also, it should be known I used my golf voice to inform T we were standing next to Angie while watching Bubba on the 13th green.

Somewhere between the 6th and 7th stop for water, we found ourselves positioned on a sand dune overlooking the green on 12. From here we watched Poulter, McDowell and Donaldson play through; Tiger and his entourage of red shirt wearing fans; and Rory McIlroy clean house. And - I had a nice view of the marsh for solid alligator watching.

Apparently, Rory was quite impressive. Winning by eight shots, that sounds pretty legit to me. To those people standing three-deep at the rope. The view from the sand dune was better.

For a glorious 45 minutes the clouds graced the course with a little bit of overcast. To me, this meant a break from melting. It was almost cool, even.

I can't believe I just wrote a post about golf. It's truly baffling.

Here are my take aways: Golf can be interesting. I want to go to the Masters. I need the temps to drop below 70 so I can wear my new Kiawah jacket. T. is pretty amazing.