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In da Club

kitchenaidmixer Before the Holidays (my birthday included) T requested a Christmas list. Honestly, I thought he was joking. No one has asked me for a Christmas list since I was a child. Jokingly, I created a Pinterest board and added the usual suspects – Frye Boots, Hobo bags, a KitchenAid Mixer. I sent him the link and forgot all about it.

If you’ve been creeping for a while you know that he used this board to trip me up on his engagement plans with earrings from Tiffanys. Dang, he’s good, right?

I’m doing that thing where I tell you all the parts of the story that don’t really matter. Honestly, I can’t believe you’re even still reading.

Basically. I’m in da club. The KitchenAid Mixer Club. I'm like 50 Cent of the kitchen. Maybe this is T's way of saying we can elope? We don't need a registry if we already have the one thing I'd want to use the scanner guy for. Sure, I'm reading into this, but do you blame me?

Here's the deal. With this mixer on the counter I was given this false hope of being Pioneer Woman's urban counterpart. The chicken was dry and the broccoli cheddar soup was.... like eating trees. However, the mashed potatoes were amazing. (Recipe here.)

T was a trooper. He ate it all. Sort of. He tried it, at least.

It may take me a while to build a trusting friendship with my new mixer - but do not fret. I have a lusting relationship with my Frye Boots. I've worn them everyday since Christmas. Everyday. 


Hope you have a wonderful Monday. I'll just be over here trying to find more outfits to pair with my boots.

Dreaming in Orange.

Can you keep a secret? The grocery store is terrifying. Every time I enter the nearest grocery store, my intentions are pure. Thoughts of quality meals and full stomachs fill my thoughts much like the fairies in fill Fern Gully dancing and fluttering to the music of the last rain forest. That was a little much, right? It was my favorite movie as a child. And the scene where Batty runs into the trees saying "red light... red light again," is exactly what goes through my head when I start to enter an aisle then realize it's the wrong one.

The aisles - they're so daunting.

I leave with the same cart full of products every time: turkey, bread, popsicles, orange juice, cereal, apples, oranges, tomatoes, pizza lunchable (1), and and a few boxes of whatever-type-of-Amys sounds delightful. That's all I need.

Honestly, I could almost promise you I'd step up my cooking game if someone else went to the store for me. It can't be that difficult. You know, now that pinterest is around.

If I had this tangerine KitchenAid stand mixer I would make all kinds of goodies. Who am I kidding? I'd make a year's supply of mashed potatoes and homemade ice cream. If that wasn't enough, it would be give me instant street cred just for occupying a spot on the counter.

Dream big.

Happy Orange Friday!

*In other news my roommate is an amazing cook... this is why I don't starve. The end.