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Swipe right for Wilmington

By nature, exploring my surroundings is intertwined into every fiber of my being. In Oklahoma, I was paid to explore. Yes, it was a real job. This weekend, Stephanie flew to North Carolina for one of many girls’ weekends. Never will I take for granted meeting this girl at sixth grade lockers. She’s been instrumental in so many aspects of my life, it’s only natural she would support adventures in my new state.


Charlotte is geographically blessed. East for the ocean, west for the mountains: choose your adventure. We swiped right for Wilmington.

Staying on Carolina Beach was a strong choice. Like any girls’ weekend, we popped a bottle (or two) of champagne and solved the world's problems as the ocean crashed against the shore. (Shout out to the stock the bar wedding shower!) Let’s level, I’ve never been a huge champagne drinker. I was wrong - so wrong. That stuff is delicious.


Downtown Wilmington encompasses everything one would want in a downtown: history, culture and the location of Brooke Davis’ Clothes Over Bros HQ. This weekend is was overflowing with visitors from all over the southeast for the North Carolina Azalea Festival. You guys know how much I love festivals. Talking to people about their history and their business is by far my favorite thing in the world.


Unknowingly, the rest of our day was predetermined with a simple purchase. Destiny by way of coasters, if you will. Read as: piers and dive bars are how to really experience Wilmington.

Brooke_Haney_Kure Because until you see the moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean…


… and drink a local beer with your best friend in a dive bar…

Carolina_Beach_Brooke_Haney … you haven’t truly experienced Wilmington.


Over&Out. B.


Links to help plan a Wilmington getaway: Visit North Carolina: Wilmington and It's Island Beaches Wilmington and Beaches CVB