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Orange Friday with MKS.

My life is particularly boring these days. It's a revolving door of 6 a.m. CrossFit, my lovely job, rollerblading, bad television, dinner, church group, and random activities that have me wiped out before 10. It's true. I go to sleep early these days. But, today, things are getting a little bit of flair. My gorgeous friend Mary Kate is flying in from Houston to throw down a little old school fun-having in the land of Pantone 166.

The last time I saw Mary in real life was in the magical town of Vegas for the big 2-5 shindig. My heart fills with pure joy thinking about my birthday. This year's birthday has big shoes to fill, that's for sure.

Back to today. Mary Kate. Stillwater.

This is going to be the best Orange Friday.

And, not just because I'm wearing my orange J. Crew pencil skirt (that Marek fixed after that one incident) and my new-ish BCBG pumps.

It's because tonight I'm going to drink a limey in the place where everyone once knew my name. The place where Penny used to have a Limey waiting for me at 9:30 on Tuesday. The place where my name is sharpied too many times on the wall.

Game 3 weekend. Here's to hoping our receivers had a few lessons in the basics of catch this week.