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Space Jam under the stars.

I like to blog in spurts. It's a thing. A really horrible blogging thing, but it's how my life goes. What do you remember about '96?

In '96 was awkward 4th grader in Mr. Harper's class crushing on a boy named Zach. I slept on Looney Tunes sheets and had some really sweet bootcut jeans that I wore too many days of the week.

It's also the year Michael Jordon teamed up with the Tune Squad.

So you can imagine my excitement when the  Myriad Gardens decided to show Space Jam on the lawn to celebrate the Thunder's journey in the NBA Finals.

One of my favorite friends, Brent, met us (Kirby & Courtney) and what did he have waiting? LUNCHABLES.

Great minds must thing alike because what did I have in my movie purse? Lunchables, Pop Rocks and Ring Pops, of course.

(Sneak Peek: How cute are my new boots? Blog post coming up soon about them!)

Childish? Sure? I really, truly believe if you're not being ridiculous in life you're doing it wrong.

There was really something magical about being a part of a group of Oklahoma's singing "I believe I can fly" on the eve of Game 2.

Sometimes I think staring in a movie. Just me and my random shenanigans like hanging out in downtown OKC eating a lunchable with my friends. Normal.

(If it does become a movie I'd appreciate if someone would cast Sophie Bush as me.)

What a creepy picture. Blog friends... meet real life friends.