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Fifty Shades of Orange.

Fifty days until football season. Read as: there are only fifty days before waving wheat, Thursday night black unis, orange fountains, sneaking limeys out of the Penny. Fifty days until Christmas comes early wrapped with a big orange bow. 

Once I wrote about tailgating... then I thought that was silly and I'd just date someone who did that for a living. (That's a joke. I never thought that...) Honestly, it's going to make this season more fun. He's like my own personal sports google. He's probably going to hate it.

Loving Pantone 166 is something that comes with drinking the Koolaid as a freshman, but the black uni combi is my favorite. The grey I could take or leave, but the black, oh the black.

Sure, I'm talking about unis. If you want to discuss our D holding the offense in the red zone or the thoughts behind Lunt starting as a true freshman you're in the wrong place. Look elsewhere, you know... like Mr. Pistols or something.

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I think it's time we bring back Orange Fridays. As an Oklahoma State alumna, orange Fridays are something that just becomes common practice. I put orange on every Friday without a second thought.

Kate Spade cross-body is currently having a little party in the sale section, clearly just in time for football season. This is perfect for holding sunglasses, $$$ and of course tickets.

If you're feeling generous you could send this my way. I wouldn't mind at all.

My porch is rockin' the fall colors.

This post was almost a "fall is my favorite time of the year...." post. But, that would be a lie. Because, winter is my favorite. I love snow, boots, coats, ice skating, sledding, Christmas music.

So, instead it's a My Flowers are Still Alive post! (insert happy dance!)

And, they happen to make my front porch look really festive.

I told you a few weeks ago I have a budget and I try to stick to it. Purchasing these fall flowers fell into the "shopping" category. And, thanks to the budget I really had to think about purchasing these flowers that will only last a few months - and the possibility of purchasing a pair of shoes.

Obviously I picked the flowers. Note: I only picked orange and white flowers to keep with my theme of orange this month.

I'm not sure if it's my rural upbringing, but I enjoy the responsibility of caring for plants, even in an urban agricultural setting.

This little pig is starting to grow on me. A present from my mom when I worked at an agricultural organization promoting pork, he never was quite my favorite.

I'd be willing to swap him out for a reasonably sized chicken and name it whatever Beyonce decides to name that baby bump.





It's my duty, to wear Pantone 166.

Two degrees + one Tiara = a firm obligation to incorporate Pantone 166 (the official orange of Oklahoma State) into every wardrobe choice during the month of October. I'll try to tone down my orange-ness during weekdays, but on weekends - my gameday clothing takes on a mind of its own.

Why? Homecoming, a kick-a football team, and I just happen to love the color.

I picked these sunglasses up at Like a Rhinestone Cowgirl .  Obviously, I only got to wear them for the first half of the Okstate vs. KU game. I thankfully stored them in my orange J. Simpson purse to welcome the rain.

{notice that chickenpox scare - I'm a pre-chicken pox vaccine kid and proud of it.}

Although I've never signed a 9 month lease agreement with a tiny human, I'm still a fan of their gameday fashion. Football tights? Obviously a great decision.

And, of course I didn't really know this kid. She happened to be at the tailgate - and I asked her boss {the mom} for permission, naturally.

I usually make fun of all jersey-wearers, which is probably why I didn't buy this jersey this past Saturday. But - I think I need it. I'm coveting this Blackmon jersey like nobody's business.

I want it so bad I'm having a hard time formulating sentences that will truly encompass my desire to wear this jersey during the Baylor game. {or Kansas, or Bedlam}

I'll keep you posted on if I can hold out on this purchase - it might be a tough battle.

(I've made a Pantone 166 board on pinterest if you're interested.)

Cowboys take the W.

My late-blooming love for tailgating doesn’t water-down the goosebumps that cover my arms the second the pre-game {poorly put together} video graces the screens at Boone Pickens. Sure I didn't start really tailgating until I was a junior or so..

Black on Black: my absolute favorite. I thought – hoped – the black on black color combo was going to wait until Bedlam. And, then, I hoped it would at least be paired with the black helmet.

All those years of working at the Shoe Bank on commission - and making bank from moms who weren't cut out for tailgating - were not worth it.

I love everything about game days. Even Thursday games when you have to leave OKC a little early and are a little too tired on Friday.