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Adams living on Walton's Mountain

Can we all agree no one has a perfect family? 

We’re all members of highly-functioning dysfunctional families. I remember leaving the theatre after watching August: Osage County thinking, “That was dark, but utterly relatable.” To be fair, I’m not aiming to parallel my life after Julia Robert’s character, but isn’t it refreshing her family was so messed up?

Part of growing up is letting go of the idea that we should be like the Tanners/Cosbys/Bradys/Waltons and embracing the weirdness that is the Adams family.  

As a teenager, I vividly remember believing my friends were so lucky because their families were so perfect. Meanwhile, they were probably thinking the same about mine. 

When I looked around this Christmas and saw divorces, new significant others, half-siblings, etc. I didn’t notice the labels. I noticed humans enjoying Christmas. 

Man, did I love it.

My family isn't perfect, but they're pretty solid.

Payne County Oklahoma is my favorite place on this earth. Cross my heart and kiss my elbow. 

For perspective, I wrote that sentence from my hotel room in Manhattan Beach

That statement is baffling to some humans:
Have you seen the Eiffel tower? Yes.
Have you traveled the country? Working on it.
Have you tasted the wine in Napa? Ringing affirmative. 

Payne County is where I learned to embrace life in all its dysfunctionalness. (yes, that's a word.) It's where I fell in love with being a big sister. It's where I learned my parents aren't perfect. (gasp!) It's where I studied agriculture. Oh, man, do I love the latter.

It's where you can find my favorite scene: blue sky, black cows and winter wheat. 

This post is the very definition of an incomplete thought. Where was I going with this? Simply inspiring thought. On Sunday I heard a wonderful sermon about five ways to make the new year better. It's not about resolutions, but looking at situations differently. It's there for you - just sitting on the table. Pick it up if you want.