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Pinterest look Completed.

I'm completely obsessed with Pinterest. I'm so obsessed, that in the few months I've been a member of the site, I've had to ground myself from logging on and pinning things I will never, ever get around to doing. First thing to notice: how mature of me to set boundaries for myself.

Second: How ridiculous that I'd even fall in love with a website.

I pinned this look a while ago with the intention of losing a few dreaded pounds - shaping up those legs and rockin' it.

Honestly, I had everything to make this look happen, I was just waiting for fall. And, in Oklahoma - that's a lot of waiting.

When it came time to take a few pictures for the my new job - it was obvious what look I would try to make happen.

Who needs to shred a few pounds when you can just hide those curvy thighs?

I've been following a few blogs who only shop at Goodwill. As an avid sales rack and outlet shopper - I think I'm going to make this a must.

Any suggestions for shopping at thrift stores or Goodwill?