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Have you ever been Mr. Meogi'd?

The emotion Ralphie feels when he finally gets his Red Ryder BB gun pales in comparison for the excitement I have right this second. Life has been giving me the Mr. Meogi treatment and I didn't even realize it.


Somehow, having to explain myself takes the fun out of it - but bare with me. Wax On, Wax off isn't just for entertainment and productivity's sake - the Karate Kid is actually learning something... he just doesn't know it at the time.

In the past year I've been learning lessons through experiences, tasks, and opportunities that have been preparing me for this week.

Quitting your first {big kid} job is hard. No one tells you about the loyalty you feel for your coworkers and your obligations. As I wrap up my final days in my current position, my to-do list becomes exponentially longer. However, as excitement for the next chapter of my life crescendos, my uncertainty is quickly drifting away.

Tailgating season is here. Note: I did not say football season. Why? Well, manfriend can take away all my football street cred by asking, well, basically, anything that has to do with football. Nonetheless, he's still the Pinky to my Brain.

I have new shoes. They were an investment. Dave Ramsey would not be proud.  Here's a sneak peak of the amazing work of Soled By Melissa. She just shipped them to me today - so when I get them you'll get the full DL.

 Re-reading this post, I realized. I don't make any sense at all. I blame the shoes. Seriously.