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Pinky Promises and Shooting Stars.

Growing up on Rural Route 3, I often took for granted the blanket of stars filling the night sky. Then, I moved to a little urban casa that has yet to see a full night's rest because of the continuous glow of city lights. It's rude really. Can't we all just agree that at 10 p.m. we all turn the lights off and go to sleep? Last night while strolling through the 'hood with Courtney I saw a shooting star. A shooting star, y'all.

I stopped, baffled, in the middle of the street. Staring at the ceiling of stars it occurred to me that:

a) I can see so many stars right now! b) WISH!

I'm a believer in wishes and pinky promises. A pinky promise, to me, is the ultimate promise that I still use to this day. Creepers, it's just not something I take lightly.

Standing in the middle of a forgotten street, staring in awe at the magic of a shooting star, I wished one of the most sincere wishes of my life. Unfortunately, I can't share. It's part of the wish magic.

I think people need more magic in their life. Often, I'm told I'm like a child. Honestly, that's the biggest compliment. Who wouldn't want to still have the magic of a child?