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Visitors are fun.

My little sister and her perpetual plus one (a fancy way of saying BFFL) came to Austin this weekend. They drove. The one thing I was unprepared for when living in North Carolina was that simply getting in my gas-guzzling SUV and driving home was off the table. I'm over the moon that's its back on the table.

With two college kids in the house, our weekend was full of food: breakfast fit for queens, tacos fit for a local and pizza fit for a middle school sleepover. 

We did stumble down to South Congress for quality exploring. I’ve been saving this particular adventure for a weekend when I’d have someone to serve as my Robin.

Zigging and zagging through the crowd was worth it when we rounded the corner to a table full of dinosaurs.

Hello, Alan Grant, welcome to the family.

South Congress is nothing but magical. Oddities in every window, food trucks filling the air with their favorite treats, brisk air, vendors lining the street and smiling people. To be fair, the humans were most likely smiling because the weather is perfect – and it’s November.

Just a day in the life, you know.

eh oh. B.

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