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Friday night, sans lights.

A social media manager’s responsibilities are all encompassing, and on this Saturday morning I find myself up in the 7 o’clocks answering a few questions on various pages. This is customer service at its finest, really. The good news is there are always a few episodes of Boy Meets World or Saved by the Bell in these hours. To be fair, my rural friends are shaking their heads at my 7 o’clock whining. To many it’s calving season and they’ve been up all hours of the night checking cows. I tip my hat to you, folks.

A good night is easily defined as one with good company, good food and an infinite amount of laughter.

Last night knocked those criteria out of the ballpark.

Your evening is bound to be worthy of a few stars if you start it while listening to Whitney Houston, Biz Markie and Eric Church while applying that extra coat of mascara. Can that be topped? Courtney and I had a serious discussion of putting on our comfiest clothes and watching a movie, or three.

We decided to continue our Friday night in the Plaza District catching up with a few friends at The Mule. That was the plan, anyway.

While walking into The Mule someone exiting looked quite familiar. With the sky already dim, it took a few steps before we had that moment that happens in every random movie.

"Alex? Is that you?" "Brooke! Omg. What are you doing here!" "Well, I live here!"

Calm down, people. This isn't the beginning of some dramatic run-through-the-rain lifetime movie. Alex and I hail from the same small town in Oklahoma and walked the same graduation stage in '05.

Alex and his brother were headed to Saints - and I tagged along until our table was ready at The Mule. Until well, the mouth-watering grilled cheese called my name. It called to me, creepers. If there was a contest for the best grilled cheese west of the Mississippi - Saints has it on lock.

I'm about to flirt with that line where creativity meets abstract-random and pleads to stay within the boundaries of normal. But, here's the deal. While boasting about our graduation class, I spotted Marek and Casey playing darts and Courtney and Lindsay walking through the door. Sure, this wasn't Cheers - but, in that moment it was pretty close.

I felt, for a few seconds, like Oklahoma was saying "It's okay, Brooke. You're doing all right here and we'll always welcome you back." Hope I didn't make that weird. Moving on...

Speaking of our graduating class. We graduated with 76 of the most amazing people in the world. We have doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, novelists, photographers, video producers, teachers, models. High five to you, classmates. (Also, if you're creeping - thanks for that, too.)

Smiles with Lindsay at Grandad's.

We ended the night playing checkers at one of Oklahoma City's newest venues, Grandad's. Yes that's correct. I asked for board games this year and that's exactly what happened. The appeal of Grandad's is that you feel like you're sitting in your grandparent's house.

A lovely Friday night, Oklahoma City. You - you've got what I need.

- - - - - - - - -

In other news, I've been working on a new project: Just a little .com to help with job searching. You know, when we're ready for that.