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My new favorite spot: The Paramount.


I’ve debated writing this post for a few days knowing that I’m outing my favorite hang out in all of Oklahoma City. The Paramount OKC is a destination for only the highest quality of individuals.  Am I quality? Well, I don’t know, but I want to be.

Working from my little corner of the wine and coffee shop I’ve participated in a creative meeting, written a few blog posts and devoured a single serving of a breakfast casserole – and that’s just today! Oh, you didn’t stop by for my Thursday play-by-play? Well, then.

Did I mention the prices are straight out of ’93? Candy for a dollar, creepers.

In a small screening room, The Paramount shows movies from all genres. This past weekend a few of us (us: people I hang out with) watched Groundhog Day. I watched it from a couch and the owner brought us warm snicker doodles. Is this real life? Yes, yes it is. 


Today, I've typed away on my laptop while listening to NPR all while sitting beneath a Charlton Heston poster. This is what it's like to be on the top side of my mid-twenties. I enjoy NPR.

T said we're (weird.) between the lines as creatives. The safe zone. I suppose he's right. However, my first boss after graduation (hey there, Boss Man - I know you read this...) could probably debate this. I enjoy creative environments - thrive may actually be a better description. This place - creative environment.

Here's the deal. With your yearly membership, you can see as many movies as you'd like. With their love of open markets, you can name your own price. How much do you think you should pay to watch your favorite movies on the medium screen? That's what you pay.

I've put in my requests for Charade and Jurassic Park. If they screen either, you bet your bottom dollar I'll be paying .75 for a Capri Sun and another $2.25 for a PB&J. Cross your fingers.

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While I was away from Rural Gone Urban: