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Back Road to Eischens: Check.

Oklahoma Bucket List:10. Back road to Eischens

With the exception of Manti Te’o’s invisible girlfriend, the internet – blogs and twitter, specifically – have been a great source of networking and friend acquisitions. Wednesday, I traveled to Okarche, Okla., the land of fried chicken and state fair cinnamon rolls with Marek (the girl who makes those lovely state pillows), Nichole (lawyer extraordinaire) and Laura (the creator of the house I want). It’s true, we were all first introduced on Twitter.

It feels wrong to call our excursions a #TweetUp when I refer to these gals as IRL friends. With that said, the feelings I felt while entering Laura's house Wednesday was nothing short of "creeper."

Eischens_Okarche0704 I've lived her house restoration and decoration through her blog, The Steen Style. For example, her entry way was perfectly documented in '10.

Eischens_Okarche_0705 And, this, where I'm standing - is where a wall used to be. Thanks, Marek, for documenting this amazing, creepy discovery.

Although most of our night’s conversations cannot be documented, I can tell you it was one of the best nights I've had this calendar year. I mean, it’s possible I want to put my name in the hat for public office someday, therefore granting the privilege of omitting most of our conversation.

Honestly, it was just girl talk, anyhow. How bad could it really have been?


Holy nachos, Eischens. These should be illegal. My waist line insists.

We put out calorie counting aside and devoured nachos, fried okra and fried chicken.

Eischens_Okarche_0731 Famous for their fried chicken, Eischens is located in Okarche, Okla., which is the definition of small town, Oklahoma.

You must try the chicken. It's as simple as that. Trust me now, thank me later.


Marek, who blogs over at Marek's Musings, is celebrating her last year as a twenty-something with a 30 under 30. Our adventure to Okarche most definetly counts toward her "52 dates with 52 friends."

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While I was away from Rural Gone Urban, I visited Miranda Lambert's new boutique The Pink Pistol and discovered a lovely sandwich shop in Wilson, Okla.