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You're My Superhero.

In a world where being busy earns a badge of honor, I’ve found myself striving to be the first person at the office, the last person to leave and the person sending emails on the weekend, which, by the way, is a Millennial’s way of saying, “look! I’m working on the weekend!”

I’m the girl using app after app to organize my life often requesting events be sent via GCal. Because heaven forbid something in life happens that isn’t planned and documented on a Google calendar. 

Try as I might, I can’t turn off work and turn on life when I leave the office. No such switch exists. There is only one 24-hour compartment: life that includes work. It’s blended – good or bad. 

After set work hours, I spend my evenings preparing for upcoming projects and staying on top of industry news and current events (thank the sweet stars for you, theSkimm). 

Those are in addition to attempting – unsuccessfully, I might add – to see the inside of the gym three to four times a week, talk to my parents, at least one aunt, my sister, friends comprising at least seven states, have real conversations with my husband, take the dog for a few walks and make new friends in Austin.

To be fair, for me – in this stage of life – working significant amounts is the only way I’ve been able to keep my to-do list from depriving me of oxygen. This is what you’re supposed to do in this stage of life, I tell myself. Pay your dues. 


Maybe I see the mom balancing work, leadership roles, her marriage and children Instagramming her perfect marketing-term-of-the-month dinners.

I see emerging career leaders knocking down walls, being overly-prepared for meetings and quoting scholarly articles and case studies released within the past 48 hours.  

Everything looks so perfect from the outside. I see you nodding your head, reader. It’s just smoke and mirrors, they must be struggling like the rest of us, but are they? 

While filling my soul with today’s sermon, my mind was anywhere else. I was creating to-do lists, referencing my short-term career goals and analyzing my current work performance.

In that moment I realized I am not a superhero. I cannot – and will not – be able to do it all. 

I want to be known as the woman who is deliberate with her time – not busy.
I want to be successful at work – and at home.
I want the moon.

Most of all, I want all women to know you don’t have to be a superhero. Superhero mom most likely has a village to help and support her. An incredible, selfless village. Emerging career leaders are making sacrifices and feel uncertain about their decisions – just like you. 

You’re good enough.
You’re making waves and changing lives.
You’re my superhero. 

You get what you ask for.

A {wise} friend once said, if you pray for patience you don't become more patient - you will suddenly face a lot of challenges testing your patience, thus, teaching you patience. Touché.

On the mornings I drive to the office, I leave the radio off and focus on throwing up {figuratively} a few prayers. This Monday was no different.

Here's the thing. I was extremely thankful. Everything {in my life} has been going really wonderful. I'm on top of my budget, my friends are incredible, I've incorporated more volunteer hours in my schedule, the Cowboys are undefeated, I haven't fallen behind in my daily devotional - basically, things are rockin'.

So {paraphrasing} I thanked the Big Guy, for the blessings in my life and the opportunity to feel as though I was in control of things for the first time in years.

(this is where you insert laughter from the heavens)

Then -

My external hard drive crashed. (which stored every picture I've taken for work for the past 2 months. My computer wouldn't recognize video files. I realized I went over one of my budget areas (hello, food.)

Note: my skin became clammy, my right hand wouldn't stop shaking, and I thought I was going to become sick.

Then, I started laughing. How selfish could I be that this could ruin my day? There are people starving, who long for a place to call home, people who are so far in debt they can't see the light at the end of the tunnel - and here I am, having a mini panic attack.

One of my many, many quirks is that in times of stress - I often talk {out loud} myself down.

"Brooke, let's keep this in perspective. Everything is fine. The Geek Squad can recover the data, your computer is just moody, and managing a personal budget takes time."

Let's keep it in perspective.

How was your day? Good. How was yours?

Sometimes I don't know what to post about. Generally, I'm not that interesting. Not even generally - all the time, I'm not that interesting. I'm extremely typical.

I dislike bootcamp, but I go anyway. Shoes are my downfall - I want them all. I use I too many times in a post. If I was editing this post it would already have 9 big red circles, but I'm not so I can do what I want.

The question that often catches me off guard and make my heart skip a beat is when people ask me how my day is, and genuinely mean it.

Not the generic, "How is your day - fine - how is yours."

But the, "How is your day today, how was work, how is the project you told me about last week."

I'm telling you - that question - means more to me than ice cream cake on my birthday.

Those are the type of people I want to surround myself with. When they ask me that question - I just want to skip over the answer and ask them about their day! I enjoy hearing about people's lives. Generally (there's that word again), their day is so different from mine.

Chelsea and I at the Eiffel Tower during a study abroad trip junior year. Fact: Of the entire study abroad trip, we were the only two who went to the Eiffel Tower. What a missed opportunity for the rest of them... 

Chelsea and I at the Eiffel Tower during a study abroad trip junior year. Fact: Of the entire study abroad trip, we were the only two who went to the Eiffel Tower. What a missed opportunity for the rest of them... 

Chelsea, who now lives in Phoenix, is one of those people. We've currently discovered how easy it is to Facetime on our iphones. From 9-5 she works for an incredible organization raising money for cancer awareness and research. During the evenings, she's a regular twenty-something loving life, her family and her friends.

When is the last time you asked someone about their day, and kept listening (really listening) to see how it was?

today is Your day.

Life isn’t concrete – if you’re not happy – you can make changes. How incredible is that?

A few months ago, I had a great job with great people, but I wasn’t doing what I needed to be doing. I wasn’t excited.  My head didn’t awake from my pillow with a little jump in my skip.

I prayed, a lot.

Not to get all sappy here (just sharing a little advice from my experiences in life) – but I learned at a pretty young age life isn’t really a right - it’s a privilege.

So I decided to make a change. First, I changed my attitude. I’m getting closer and closer to that dreaded middle of the twenties and I could either take life by the (excuse my country) balls or stay with my finger on life’s pause button.

I pressed play.

Sometimes with obstacles – we’ve all got ‘em – you get to make decisions, and take your own life by the reins.

Talk about empowering.

I hear a lot of talk about not being happy in your situation, your job, your friends, your family. What are you doing about it? What are you changing?

Life isn’t scary. It’s going to keep going whether you drag your feet or not.

So – my question for you my lovely creepers – What are you waiting for? What keeps you awake at night? 

(Took this pic while I was working yesterday!)

Shabby Chic Table

I found this adorable table from the Shabby Chic Fairytale Esty shop. I fell in love and set out on a mission to a) buy it or b) find one just like it.

Fortunatly manfriend had a really similar one in the barn.

When we found it it was natural wood covered in a layer of dust and spider webs. I'm quickly becoming obsessed with high-quality spray paint.

Als0 - the flower lights were a TJMaxx find - only $12!

This is the other side of the couch. I'm not a designer - more of a modge podge of projects and boredness - but I really do think these masculine trunks equal out the feminine shabby chic table.

They don't teach you this in college

1. You can't charge stuff to your BURSAR. Even parking tickets. There is no BURSAR. However, the BURSAR will contact you about a ticket they just caught you on camera for - from 2 years ago. You still have to pay it. 2. You don't find out about clubs from the O'colly. Or the Listserv. You have to network and use twitter.

3. That picture your roommate posted freshman year, that you untagged is still out there. And, when you want to apply to be a volunteer - they'll find it on your background check.

4. Your friends are more important than your job or the newest iphone. You're going to drive a box, to work in a box, and stare at a box, check texts on the tiny box - but what matters is who is there for you when you leave the box. Work to live - don't live to work.

5. Drama is going to follow you if you let it. So don't. In college, you probably said/say "I can't wait until all this drama is over." It's not college where the drama is. Drama can be anywhere you let it be. So just don't let it be anywhere.

6. You're not going to know how to do your job well right off the bat. They taught theory in college; therefore, teach yourself.

7. No one looks at your transcript. No one cares what your grades are. Well, unless you're an Engineer. {then they might}

8. Life after college is hard. But, so is starving in a third-world country. Keep it in perspective.

9. Don't whine on facebook. Or twitter. It makes you look like a loser. & No one hires losers.

10. Stop worrying so much - you're going to get wrinkles! Seriously. You're old now.