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What can you buy with $37.50? Dinner?

A shoe?

A 1/4 tank of gas?

My little cousin, Sydney, had that much in savings. {That's a lot for a kid in middle school.} I said had because she donated every penny to Relay for Life.

My aunt Stacey has also rounded up a team (The Soaring Eagles) for the same Relay for Life event. (The Soaring Eagles are walking in remembrance of my Grandpa Bill. In 4 short months the big C took him from us.)

This is really amazing to me because they represent different branches of the family tree. And, like your family - or someone you know - both branches of my tree have been touched by the big C. (Let's get real here. All 5 branches of my tree)

I'm not asking you to donate. I'm asking you to tell your loved ones you love them. And, in all seriousness - there's no mushy emotional stuff going on here. You just never know when the Big C is going to hit your family a little closer than you ever thought it would.

My dad. The Big C took this big guy - all 6' 8" of him - in '93. That's just rude if you ask me.