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Baseball Pants

I have the attention span of an eight year old.

With that said, I've been to two three baseball games in my life.

In high school I saw a Nebraska - Oklahoma State game on FCA game day. I fell head over heels for a pitcher who probably never left the bench, but made my 16-year-old heart flutter. Thanks to google, I now know he wasn't ever that cute. (Also - what are unique properties? And why does someone need to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers? interesting.)

In college I went to an inning. An entire inning.

And, last summer, I saw the OKC redhawks from a suite.

But, dear creepers, I do love those baseball pants. From the press conference at the newly-named Newcastle Casino Field at Bricktown the eve of opening day... all I could think about were baseball pants and dollar beers.

I could probably go to a game this year. Maybe there's hope for me.