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The Patton's Birthday is Today.

Seven years ago I met this girl who we'll call The Patton. She lived down the hall in Zink and I often found myself sleeping on her couch because walking two doors down to my own dorm room was just too far. She's the sort of friend who you can have the most ridiculous fight with and not talk to for months (it's happened, folks.) and one day she'll show up with wine and her copy of Breakfast at Tiffanys and things are all better. (For clarification, this has gone both ways.)

I grew up with all boy cousins and there's a nine year age gap between my next sibling so she's sort of like my well, she's just awesome.

If you haven't been to Stillwater on gameday there's something I should tell you, there is zero  reception. I'm aware of turning of 3G on your phone, but even then - sketchy.

I knew The Patton would be in Stillwater, but finding her was going to be tricky. See, I forgot to ask where she'd be. Whoops.

Saturday's perfect day had something truly magical up its sleeve. From three tailgates away - I spotted her.

And, I ran.

Hindsight - that was weird.

Dang. I missed my soulmate.

Today is her birthday.

Also, sadly the only place she's The Patton is in my contacts. She's married now so really, she's The Pearce. Just not as catchy, Stace.

Happy birthday, dude. Hope it's awesome. Consider this post a placeholder for a day of drinking wine and watching The Golden Girls. Actually, we'll still do that. 


It's 2 months until my birthday.

Is it weird to start counting down to your birthday this early in the game?

The answer is, "No."

Because in 54 days I'll be in New York.

It's seriously everything I love about life happening at the same time: Christmas, my birthday, T.

Holy smokes, batman.

And, to think, I thought last year's birthday in Vegas was amazing.

Crossfit & Cupcakes.

This isn't a sappy blog post, promise; however, if you're feeling a little emotional today - stop reading - this post isn't for you. I'm a grown woman. Well, most days. I've gone more days on this earth without my dad than I have with my dad. I believe with all of my heart I'm going to see him again, so this isn't a sad post. With that said, today would be his birthday.

Every year this day has affected me in one way or another. Last year, for example, I realized I was about to be the same age he was when he left this earth for the big pearly gates. That was weird. 

Of all the things I remember about my dad, I remember going to the gym with him the most. It was his thing. At 6'8" and more pounds of muscle than necessary - he was a beast.

Today, I'm not sad. I may have only knew him for a few short years, but I learned a lot - probably. Mostly, how to talk to strangers, how to utilize my big brown eyes, how to live life like it might not be here tomorrow...

Ironically, today, I'm starting Crossfit. Fitting that I would start it on his birthday, don't you think? Yeah, you heard me - Crossfit. Let's just hope that my genes are made for this stuff.

Then, I'm going to eat a cupcake.

Because, that's what you do on birthdays.

Snail Mail Birthday Surprise!

Man, I love snail mail.

It's honestly the cohesive fiber that connects all things I love into one great package of blushing, smiling, heart-fluttering joy.

I love filtering through junk mail to see a hand-written envelope addressed to me, immediately followed my a questioning of the acquisition of my address. "Am I listed? I don't think my address is on google?"

Mr. James Decker, known by the ladies on twitter as @JamesDecker2006, took it upon himself to seek out my address (from Hannah), find an orange envelope, and send me a lovely birthday card.

Besides the obvious shock factor of actual, in-my-hands snail mail, it was perfect.

Who doesn't love a card acknowledging that one's birthday should be celebrated for a whole 24 hours not merely a night or day? If it couldn't get any better - he didn't just sign his name.

There was some serious thought that went into this card. Guys, this is how you think out a thoughtful gift. Honestly, I love nothing more in this world that to have the simple things.

Also, did I immediately google that to see if Rural Gone Urban was a top result? Do I need to answer?

This guy is good.

On an unrelated (sort of related note) a few weeks ago I hosted #agvodate. #Agvodate is a twitter chat that meets "on twitter" each Tuesday immediately following #agchat. Honestly it's a group of twenty-somethings with agricultural backgrounds who make fun of the dating life. New to the single realm, I jokingly called James out for talking a big game but not following through - thus resulting, in what I would like to think of as, the first acquisition of a date on twitter. 

This date is still TBD; however, I assure you, it will happen, and will be documented through Social Media. 

Thanks, James, for starting my birthday week out on the right note! You rock!