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will loves courtney

A week to the day after turning 21, my little brother married his high school sweetheart. Courtney, who is making a run for the title of favorite sister, is the perfect addition to the Clay family. In all honesty, she most definitely works harder than anyone else and has somehow found a balance in being Will's biggest cheerleader and keeping him alive. The latter, of course, it a big feat considering his adventurous shenanigans. Bless you, Courtney. 


The only thing that could have made Saturday better was if college football took a hiatus so my better half could join. Fall weddings, man. 

source: Originallyson Photography

source: Originallyson Photography

source: Originallyson Photography

source: Originallyson Photography

Sammy Kershaw might have written his '93 hit about Courtney, y'all.

She just really doesn't know.

But she is.

On the inside where it counts, too. 

Small town Friday night

Of all the hats I wear, big sister is my favorite. In this capacity, I’ve learned to manage, delegate, rule, annoy and defend – all buzz words that will be immediately added to my résumé.

A few weekends ago, my sister gradated from high school. Read as: I used my last vacation day of the year to take my heart back to Payne County, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma: where everything moves a little slower (except the wind), the people are friendlier and my heart is fuller. I can travel the world, but my home will always be in Perkins. It's where my family is, you know? It's where I learned to drive on dirt roads, first kissed a boy and met my best friend.

It's where I learned to have high standards for the boys I brought home. How's that? By bringing home ones who didn't quite make the cut. Just ask my dad - he'll tell you about 'em.

The ones who broke my heart, didn't have a solid handshake, didn't walk up to the door, drove a muscle car, didn't have a good reputation...

When I finally brought home the right one, it was all worth it. And, yes, that's his best little brother impression.

Cheers to you, little sister. May you love college as much as I did and may you make the friends who stand by your side for all of life's curveballs. You're my favorite.


If you throw a party.

Last night I made the mistake of announcing to the wonderful world of twitter that I hadn't slept in my own bed in a week. Big mistake.

On the flip side, I didn't realize I had so many "big brothers" on twitter. By Big Brother I'm not referencing George Orwell's 1984 , I simply mean, big brothers: ones who sit on the front porch with a shot gun when you go on your first date.

For clarification I haven't been bed hopping across the 405.

I've been playing that big sister card while my parents were on vacation in Colorado. For the record, dropping by for a short visit, stirring up trouble, and  then heading out of dodge is how I usually play the sister card.

Not this past week. Nope, not at all. Can you believe I had to make sure teenagers finished their homework?

Lets get real. I didn't do that. I just made sure they weren't up to anything sketchy and had a year's supply of hot pockets in the freezer.

My big-little brother even made me pull the mom-voice I didn't even know I had - out of my back pocket. Apparently, the 'shop' is the cool place to hang out.

Oh, did I mention Jodi jumped ship and got married?

She's such a diva :-) No, really. She had a complete wardrobe change between the ceremony and reception. Falling into line, I obviously had to change out my heels for my dancing boots.

Also - if you can believe this - she let me give a speech at her wedding. In the four steps from my chair to the microphone I whipped up a pretty decent little dialogue.

I've always wanted to give a speech - and since, well, I'm here - might as well give this a go. Jodi, {pause}, thank you for being a friend. {pseudo-emotional pause.} We've traveled down the road and back again.

Jodi: Are you singing? Is this a song? Me: No, if this were a song - I'd be singing. I'm talking. Therefore, not a song.

Your heart is true, you're a pal and confidant. And, Since you've thrown a party -  Invited everyone you knew. You can see - that biggest gift... it is from me And, just incase you don't have time to open it tonight, The card attached says - thank you for being a friend.

Talented Kittens.

A few weeks ago I blogged about laying on the ground taking pictures of the kittens at the farm and finding a Copperhead. I didn't learn my lesson - but, I didn't find another copperhead either.

I'm not really a cat fan; but, I just can resist taking pictures of these kittens.

They're just so ornery.

I'm sure one of the four will grow up to be a good mouser and get to live his/her days as a barn cat.

As for the other three, they're going to need a good home. Please understand if they can capture the attention of my big-little brother - they must be pretty exceptional. (If you live in the Perkins area - first, score for you reading my blog! and, second, want a kitten?)

Yes, they can do pull-ups. Half the population can't do a pull-up and this kitten has is mastered.

They have good genes, too.

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I just finnished @Raburgin's  NEW blog An Okie's Positive Life. She's just getting started in the blogging world - but I think she's going to have great things to say in the future!

Snakes live in the country?!

I'm borderline obsessed with pictures. Someday, I'd like to consider myself a photographer, but until then I'll tote a "big girl" camera with me where ever I can.

At the farm this weekend, I took the usual tour of the place looking for anything that could suffice as a subject. Often, you'll find me on the ground trying to get a good angle.

For example, I'm literally laying on the ground to get this picture of these kittens. (Aunt C - this one is for you. Seriously. I'm sending one back to Indiana for you!)

This is trigger. He's my main squeeze. So obviously after giving him a few lovin's my rural gone urban butt was on the ground trying to take a good pic.

Out of the corner of my eye - I saw something strange.

It was a million feet long and slithering only inches away from me. To be fair, only a few feet long.

This living-to-close-to-Starbucks girl moved faster than a 16-year-old boy on prom night.

And. I ran.

Straight to my little brother.

"You saw a snake didn't you?"

Yep. Now. Go get it.

For all those moms who think it's cool to have a larger-than-necessary flower garden in the country, please don't cringe - my brother is stomping all of the "good" flowers.

Just as the shutter closed on this picture - that little booger of a snake came right at me! So, in all my glory - I ran, again.

Good news, he caught him. This beastly little copperhead.

Urban? Never heard of a copperhead? Google it. It's not a farm-friendly snake. Had it been a bull snake by little brother would have relocated it to the pasture.

I've since retreated to my urban casa where I've worked on a safer hobby: furniture.