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Snail Mail.

It's no secret snail mail surprises are one of my top 25 favorite things. If I were to host an Oprah-esque show the Favorite Things episode would include a lifetime supply of snail mail surprises to be delivered randomly throughout a 50 year spread. Well, that probably wouldn't be feasible considering changes of address and other variables. Anyway, moving on. (also - I'm completely breaking my rule about talking about T - my apologies.)

 This sign came to the doorstep of my urban casa a few months ago. For no reason other than T saw it in SkyMall and thought I'd like it. Uhm? What? Let's break this down.

1) It was unexpected. 2) You are the bubbles to my bath. I'm assuming this is a reference to Mr. Bubble, so that's amusing. 3) He ordered it from SkyMall? C'mon that's just awesome. A little random, but I love random.

The most recent snail mail surprise

Last night, after a long day at work I came home to a random box. For a solid 4 minutes, the box and I participated in a shootout-inspired blinking contest. Clearly, the box won.

Inside the box was the most perfect random surprise. You see, the urban casa is the epicenter of the loudest 'hood in all of Oklahoma City: dogs, sirens, cars, my roommate who cooks and cleans at all hours of the night.

Inside the box: A white noise machine.

He's always keepin' it real, that Dreamboat of mine. Well played, T.