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Who am I to complain?

Once, for a short period of time, I had a green thumb.

I kept this little diddy alive for a whole 2 months.

These guys are still alive - barely.

These - goners.

Last night I ripped out the lifeless plants that crumbled between my fingers.

We {Oklahoma} are in a drought.

For me - in my little urban casa, this means if you leave for a weekend when you return your flowers will be dead.

It means all my hard work planting, watering, weeding... well, is gone. I laughed as I was pulling the plants and thought, "too bad there isn't crop insurance for my urban flowers."


In the grand scheme of things, my flowers don't make a microdent in the impact the weather is making in the agricultural industry. This drought or "The Great Drought of 2011" as some are calling it is  affecting 14 states from Florida to Arizona. This is big time.

It means the pastures where the cattle graze on our farm - is burning up.

Who am I to complain about a few measly little flowers?

For the record - Oklahoma City thankfully accepted rain today.

Not a bad urban view, huh?